IMG_7820                Vikasana – A space for learning.

Vikasana is a rural non-formal center for education.  It  is located at Tathguni Village, in South Bangalore on the bustling Kanakapura Road.

Vikasana was started in 1977 by M.C. Malathi as a result of her training experience with David Horsburgh.  She has devoted her life to teaching and working with rural children.

Vikasana means ‘blossoming’ and it aims at :
– free education to the rural poor.
– providing holistic and quality education
– emphasis on self learning
– helping students choose the career after their education
– facilitating a resource center for non-formal education.
– bringing awareness of tree planing and maintaining ecological balance.
– providing education for peace and not for competition.

One Response to “About Vikasana”

  1. Sudha Honavar Says:

    There is a strong need for non-formal education, even in cities. I am from Maharashtra, and am dismayed to see children with special skilsl and interests struggling with a standard syllabus, and either dropping out, or losing all their spark and enthusiasm. I am not not highly qualified in any special stream, but would be glad to support any steps taken in this direction.
    Sudha Honavar

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